Author & Illustrator of Adoptive Father

Kayleen has many awards accredited to her work and is experienced design, teaching art and demonstrating and now works full time as an Author and Illustrator specialising in children’s books.

She is currently writing and illustrating children’s picture books and co-authoring a fiction novel and works in both the Christian and mainstream publishing market.

Adoptive Father is a personal project distinct from her contracted publishing work. She felt lead by God to create this book for not only children but all peoples who feel abandoned or unloved in any way. It is a strong message with an adoptive heart at the centre that she is determined to multiply through the world. The journey is about to begin in India, Australia, Fiji and Africa.



God gave me an assignment and I was so touched by its message, I wept. I feel overwhelmingly blessed to be part of this book and what it will do. Before I experienced the need, God literally downloaded a portion of his incredible love for the people of India and it impacted me tremendously. He directed me to create this book for him and it has been a journey of trust.  As he assured me, it will reach thousands of children globally and that is the most exciting thing imaginable.

The message was this:

“There are no orphans or forgotten children Kayleen. They all have an adoptive father but some do not understand this.

This book will show them that their heavenly father will go to the ends of the earth to communicate his love for them. Then they will never feel alone”

I questioned, why me and not someone local? His response was just as touching:

“Then they will see, that I will reach to the ends of the earth to deliver my message of love. They will know they have a father who loves them THAT MUCH!”

I understood then and I ventured into a world of blessing. Later I discovered that a picture book is a rarity for so many children – too many! I then understood why he wanted a picture book; something beautiful, special and personal.

This is HIS message and through prayer I have faithfully delivered every word and image. I believe this book was created to touch the hearts of both adults and children globally. The message is truth for every one of us.  I pray it blesses you.

I am confident this book is for all children of all nations – the message is universal. God loves us all tremendously no matter who we think we are and He wants us to love others. Children especially, are precious to him, and a beautiful gift to us.

The Lord has provided interpreters for languages in India and connections for quality printing. I am believing for financial assistance and large numbers of books to be gifted to many children. Already are over 1500 copies ordered and headed for children in orphanages and children’s homes abroad – How wonderful is our God!