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More award winning books to children all over the world!

So far we have distributed books in India, Australia, Burma, Cambodia, Fiji, Kenya and Puerto Rico. And we are in discussions with other contacts to spread gift of this book even wider!

There were tears of joy and gratitude when we got the email from Puerto Rico. These wonderful people were so overjoyed about the book! The work they do there is incredible and the children so precious. Many copies went to Puerto Rico and as a result it has opened up opportunity to send more to this part of the world. It is such a blessing to be part of all this. There will ever be anything other than in awe for what God is doing with this book. His hand is on it.

Ministry picture books. Spanish Christian Ministries and Christian Outreach.
Ministry picture books. Spanish Christian Ministries and Christian Outreach.

The ministry shown here has kindly translate Adoptive Father into Spanish. As a result we hope to publish in Spanish this year as an eBook and possibly paper back if we can get ministry or sponsor support. There is such a need for Spanish Christian books for children and to be able to gift these children is a wonderful opportunity. If you know of a ministry that had need for bulk subsidised paper copies, ask them to contact us. This helps get more of this wonderful message out there.

Heavenly rewards taste sweetest that’s for sure!

An update on accolades. Adoptive Father hasn’t been submitted for many awards as we only allocated a small amount to this. It is more important to get books into the hands of children in other ways. In saying that, awards give a book a stamp of approval that reassures customers and supporters that it is a quality book. To God’s credit it has gained the attention of judges where we have submitted. Since publication it has acquired 2 foil seals affirming the literary value of the book and been shortlisted and commended. This is an example of what we receive as confirmation.

CLC Award Seal Of Approval for best literature and recommendation. Adoptive Father
Adoptive Father was awarded the Children’s literacy Classics seal of approval.

Children’s Literacy Classics kindly posted a review on their website. You can read it here: CLC Review

Illumination Book Award Medal Bronze for picture books
Illumination Book Award Medal Bronze for picture books

Book Review – Australian Church Library Association

The Australian Church Library Association who have volunteered a honest review of Adoptive Father – Thank you!


“Kayleen West tells us that God gave her an assignment to write and illustrate this book so that children everywhere will know that God is their Father and that He loves them. What a special task. A consignment of books has already been sent to India.

The illustrations, also by Kayleen are charming and expressive. I particularly liked the way the children are shown hugging and playing with the father, even the orange cat joins in. The text is not exactly a story; it is written as a message from God emphasising on every page that God is good, He loves us and He encourages us to share that love with each other. It is an unusual book but I think it will certainly fulfill it’s purpose of letting everyone who reads it know that God loves us.”

Book Review – Omega Member – K.L

I am not sure who K.L is, but thank you for the review on Goodreads!

Adoptive Father, by Kayleen West, is a durable, hard back picture book for children. It has been produced as a resource for introducing God as a loving heavenly Father to children who are orphaned or live in poverty in India. With vibrant, colourful, illustrations and a simple text, it teaches that we are all God’s children and can know Him as our loving Father….

L.S Omega Writers Member

Read the full review on Goodreads

Book Review – Omega Member – L.S

I am not sure who L.S is, but thank you for the review on Goodreads!

Kayleen’s story and illustrations emphasise the fact that God loves all children of whatever, culture, creed or country; whether they have families of their own or whether they are orphans. God loves everyone. She explains how we can show God’s love by caring and helping other people. The large and colourful illustrations tell the story with minimal text. The book is filled with God’s love. There is some work to do! Look for the hidden cross on each page. It’s hard; I missed a lot of the crosses.

This is not so much a story book as an illustration of the truth of God’s love for everyone, however different…

L.S Omega Writers Member

Read the full review on Goodreads

Children's picture books donated to remote schools in Fiji

Testimony – Remote & Isolated Schools – Fiji


I greatly appreciate your spirit of generosity with providing the school children of Fiji with your special children’s book ‘Adoptive Father’.

What a beautiful book for the children to enjoy, I can see their smiling faces already.

Thank you so much for your in more ways than one.  All I can say is God Bless you Kayleen.

~  Michele Darmanin

Picture books gifted to children in Kenya through Hoe Ministries.

Testimony from Hoe Ministries – Kenya

TESTIMONY FROM HOE MINISTRIES: Books gifted to children families (families of children supporting themselves without parents and with help of Hoe) and schools: Longo Primary school in Magina village, Ndhiwa District of Homa bay, Buche community children under care of HOE, Misita Christian school for slum children, Sofia Slum school for Orphans and more.

It is my humble prayer that God may bring in your life a ministry that can accept to support the distribution of more of this Book in Kenya. It is my humble prayer and heart that this book reach many hurting and suffering children in Kenya. I pray my God bless you a thousandfold with abundant favors of His unlimited increase to bless more people in Jesus name. I have really been blessed and touched by the awesome Book! God bless you, God increase you

~  J.Wagunda – Kenya, East Africa

Gifted books on Homa Bay Kenya
Gifted books on Homa Bay

Adoptive Father adopts the remote schools in Fiji

This is so like God when he has a hand on something. Nearly 100,000 books were donated to 22 remote schools in Fiji to set up libraries. The presentation photos special celebration day at Namalata District School show…you guessed it…our Adoptive Father book in the organiser’s hand and on the small presentation table…and with one of the children. What are the chances?

This collaboration with authors and publishers has positively helped over 3500 Fijian school children including the dedicated teachers.


Click on the link to view the original story. (Article courtesy of the Australian High Commission, Fiji. )

The staff in the Australian High Commission in Suva assisted with funding to ship all 10 pallets of new educational books and teaching resources donated to the school children of Fiji.