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Book Review – Omega Writers Group

Thank you to Omega Writers Group in Queensland who took the time to review Adoptive Father on Goodreads. Omega Writers Inc is an association for Australasian (Australia, NZ and South Pacific) wordsmiths writing faith-inspired work.

Adoptive Father is a colourful and delightful story book for pre-school and early grade school children.

Kayleen West has written and illustrated a beautiful book that stresses the fact that there are no orphans, rejected or neglected children in God’s Kingdom. That we are never alone and all are loved by our Heavenly Father.

Adoptive Father is a hardcover with quality glossy pages alive with colour and activity. It has a message that all children – young or old – love and need to hear: God loves me.

It would make a wonderful Sunday School end-of-year prize and blessing for children under seven years. Or just a good girl or boy gift….

You can read the review on Goodreads or here: Endorsements & Reviews

New children’s books heading for Kenya

Today I have packed up boxes of books to send to South Africa for children I know will appreciate and enjoy these books like no other. With the generous donation from Sylvia Suhr and Sara, Darren and Cheryl Williams (who covered the cost of shipping) I was able to send 20 kg off to Kenya today!

It is heart-warming that my books are venturing out to places like this before it is even been made readily available locally and that I have the local support endorsing the message of the book and gifting more beautiful children with it.

The books, along with a few needed supplies are being gifted to Heaven on Earth Ministries in East Africa. Anyone who feels the prompting to support books for ministries such as these can contact me for details. All supporters and donations will be listed on the website:

The joy is creating books for children reaches beyond the creative process itself. The reward is in the hearts of the children you touch through words and images.

Children's picture books heading for Kenya
Adoptive Father is heading for Kenya

1,500 New Picture Books Arrive In India

1,500 copies of Adoptive Father finally reached the distribution location in India last week. Over the next month translations will be prepared and the distribution of the books to various parts of India will be underway. I am looking forward to seeing the happy faces on the children in the homes there when they realise they have their very own special picture book. This is something very rare to these children. I will share photos when we receive them.

More books are being packed this month to head to Fiji and Africa. If you would like to sponsor any books please contact us via the contact page.

Adoptive Father has finally arrived in Australia!

The Australian shipment of Adoptive Father has finally arrived in Melbourne and been delivered to storage. I had organised a tail lift vehicle with a pallet jack but the poor driver wasn’t given one and had to unload by hand. My lovely driver Masood was happy when I opened a box and gave him a book to take home to his kids. It seemed to make his day. What a lovely beginning and lovely man.

Christian Picture Books, Childrens Books about God, love, compassion, Healthy children's books Kayleen West,
Happy delivery driver takes home his Adoptive Father children’s picture book.

Christian Outreach Ministries

I highly recommend this unique children’s book which has the potential to change the life of every child who reads it.

All children, whether they live in poverty or wealth have an intense desire to be loved; unfortunately not every child experiences this in their natural life. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Kayleen has been successful in expressing the deep love that God has for every one of his children in a way that all children will easily understand and embrace.

Every child C.O.M. supports in India will receive a copy of this book with their own translations and it is our hope that many, many children all around the world will be blessed by it.

Warren Fagg
CEO – Christian Outreach Ministries.

( 1,500 copies distributed via COM in India )