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More award winning books to children all over the world!

So far we have distributed books in India, Australia, Burma, Cambodia, Fiji, Kenya and Puerto Rico. And we are in discussions with other contacts to spread gift of this book even wider!

There were tears of joy and gratitude when we got the email from Puerto Rico. These wonderful people were so overjoyed about the book! The work they do there is incredible and the children so precious. Many copies went to Puerto Rico and as a result it has opened up opportunity to send more to this part of the world. It is such a blessing to be part of all this. There will ever be anything other than in awe for what God is doing with this book. His hand is on it.

Ministry picture books. Spanish Christian Ministries and Christian Outreach.
Ministry picture books. Spanish Christian Ministries and Christian Outreach.

The ministry shown here has kindly translate Adoptive Father into Spanish. As a result we hope to publish in Spanish this year as an eBook and possibly paper back if we can get ministry or sponsor support. There is such a need for Spanish Christian books for children and to be able to gift these children is a wonderful opportunity. If you know of a ministry that had need for bulk subsidised paper copies, ask them to contact us. This helps get more of this wonderful message out there.

Heavenly rewards taste sweetest that’s for sure!

An update on accolades. Adoptive Father hasn’t been submitted for many awards as we only allocated a small amount to this. It is more important to get books into the hands of children in other ways. In saying that, awards give a book a stamp of approval that reassures customers and supporters that it is a quality book. To God’s credit it has gained the attention of judges where we have submitted. Since publication it has acquired 2 foil seals affirming the literary value of the book and been shortlisted and commended. This is an example of what we receive as confirmation.

CLC Award Seal Of Approval for best literature and recommendation. Adoptive Father
Adoptive Father was awarded the Children’s literacy Classics seal of approval.

Children’s Literacy Classics kindly posted a review on their website. You can read it here: CLC Review

Illumination Book Award Medal Bronze for picture books
Illumination Book Award Medal Bronze for picture books