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“Kayleen West tells us that God gave her an assignment to write and illustrate this book so that children everywhere will know that God is their Father and that He loves them. What a special task. A consignment of books has already been sent to India.

The illustrations, also by Kayleen are charming and expressive. I particularly liked the way the children are shown hugging and playing with the father, even the orange cat joins in. The text is not exactly a story; it is written as a message from God emphasising on every page that God is good, He loves us and He encourages us to share that love with each other. It is an unusual book but I think it will certainly fulfill it’s purpose of letting everyone who reads it know that God loves us.”

TESTIMONY FROM HOE MINISTRIES: Books gifted to children families (families of children supporting themselves without parents and with help of Hoe) and schools: Longo Primary school in Magina village, Ndhiwa District of Homa bay, Buche community children under care of HOE, Misita Christian school for slum children, Sofia Slum school for Orphans and more.

“It is my humble prayer that God may bring in your life a ministry that can accept to support the distribution of more of this Book in Kenya. It is my humble prayer and heart that this book reach many hurting and suffering children in Kenya. I pray my God bless you a thousandfold with abundant favors of His unlimited increase to bless more people in Jesus name. I have really been blessed and touched by the awesome Book! God bless you, God increase you.”

~  J.Wagunda – Kenya, East Africa


“This picture book provides a strong message of Christian faith for children, but it also teaches about kindness, love and tolerance of others. It is beautifully illustrated with bright, colorful artwork that portrays children from very diverse backgrounds. The thing I loved most about the book is the tiny crosses that are cleverly hidden in each illustration. They turn the storybook into an activity book that children will want to spend lots of time with. A beautiful and inspiring book!”

~  Dee, United States


“I just got your book in the mail from Koorong! The illustrations are just so beautiful, I love it! Seeing the pictures online just doesn’t do them justice. This is the kind of book I would have loved as a kid, I just loved looking at cool illustration and it’s a fantastic message and layout too.”

~  L.Perkins, Victoria, Australia


“I greatly appreciate your spirit of generosity with providing the school children of Fiji with your special children’s book ‘Adoptive Father’.

What a beautiful book for the children to enjoy, I can see their smiling faces already.

Thank you so much for your in more ways than one.  All I can say is God Bless you Kayleen.”

~  Michele Darmanin


OMEGA WRITERS  (Review on Goodreads.com ****)

“Adoptive Father is a colourful and delightful story book for pre-school and early grade school children.

Kayleen West has written and illustrated a beautiful book that stresses the fact that there are no orphans, rejected or neglected children in God’s Kingdom. That we are never alone and all are loved by our Heavenly Father.

Adoptive Father is a hardcover with quality glossy pages alive with colour and activity. It has a message that all children – young or old – love and need to hear: God loves me.

It would make a wonderful Sunday School end-of-year prize and blessing for children under seven years. Or just a good girl or boy gift….”



“I highly recommend this unique children’s book which has the potential to change the life of every child who reads it.

All children, whether they live in poverty or wealth have an intense desire to be loved; unfortunately not every child experiences this in their natural life. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Kayleen has been successful in expressing the deep love that God has for every one of his children in a way that all children will easily understand and embrace.

Every child C.O.M. supports in India will receive a copy of this book with their own translations and it is our hope that many, many children all around the world will be blessed by it.”

Warren Fagg
CEO – Christian Outreach Ministries. ( 1,500 copies distributed via COM in India )