Free Books

Book Outreach Opportunity

Adoptive Father picture books are made available to genuine outreach ministries, below wholesale, and in some cases for free to provide books for children internationally. This is to ensure the beautiful message is spread as far and wide.

Only legitimate registered ministries may apply for books. Books must be gifted to children in financially challenged situation, schools, families, and childcare facilities. They  are not to be resold for profit.

Note: It is our aim to make the books easily affordable for all legitimate causes.

Books are available for resale at a wholesale price to bookstores and churches. Proceeds go into this project. Contact us to discuss what discount applies to your outreach or store.

We firmly believe, God will speak into the hearts of many through this book.

Our intention is to spread the message as much as possible. Already over 2,000 copies have been gifted to children in challenging situations. What a blessing to offer such a message of love.

Gifted books on Homa Bay Kenya
Gifted books on Homa Bay Kenya