New children’s books heading for Kenya

Today I have packed up boxes of books to send to South Africa for children I know will appreciate and enjoy these books like no other. With the generous donation from Sylvia Suhr and Sara, Darren and Cheryl Williams (who covered the cost of shipping) I was able to send 20 kg off to Kenya today!

It is heart-warming that my books are venturing out to places like this before it is even been made readily available locally and that I have the local support endorsing the message of the book and gifting more beautiful children with it.

The books, along with a few needed supplies are being gifted to Heaven on Earth Ministries in East Africa. Anyone who feels the prompting to support books for ministries such as these can contact me for details. All supporters and donations will be listed on the website:

The joy is creating books for children reaches beyond the creative process itself. The reward is in the hearts of the children you touch through words and images.

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